Rembrandt’s Innovation Which Changed World of Art

The saying ‘art transcends cultural boundaries’ holds absolutely true when an artist endeavors to curate the humane world out of the real world. Rembrandt’s art is the picture-perfect illustration of the same as it involves the preference for uncompromising realism.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon (1606- 1669), who made his image as the most innovative and prolific Dutch painter in the world of art and craft, transformed the people’s vision towards reality. From historical to mythological, he did justice to every genre of art with his gospel to manifest the human condition during that period.

Concerning the current times, Rembrandt paintings are the fountain-head of enlightenment and still takes the market by storm. Besides, his technical and empathetic representation in the portrayals can make one count their blessings in a world full of brutality and harshness.

Top 4 Popular Artworks By Rembrandt

If you are someone who yearns to embrace the historical and cultural significance in a mesmerizing way, cherry-picking Rembrandt’s artwork is a perfect idea. Thus, here we present the most popular paintings by Rembrandt out of this perpetual effort in terms of art and craft.

1.  Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

‘Christ in the storm on the Sea of Galilee from 1633 is one of the most dynamic and dramatic images by Rembrandt. This illustration is quite famous for the fact that, ever since it was stolen in 1990, the museum displays an empty frame in place of its original location. This was considered a substantial art heist in the history of the US.

The painting delineates the overwhelming experience of Christ and his disciples in the boat. Dark clouds, high waves, and wind tornadoes in the mainsail all these are representing distinguished ways a person reacts in the circumstance of challenges.

Having a clear glimpse at this self-portrait of Rembrandt, some can be seen with an expression of panic on their face, while others are striving hard to face off the storm. Above all, the view of Jesus himself waking up from a nap is the highlight of the art as it signifies faith in his heart. As a viewer or a human, one thing that we can learn from the etching is that every cloud has a silver lining and faith can let go of even monumental challenges.

2. The NightWatch

The NightWatch

‘The NightWatch’ by Rembrandt in 1642 is one of the remarkable paintings in the world that proves his unique and thought-provoking personality. Known as an ‘altarpiece’ of Rijksmuseum, it was originally the collection of Amsterdam Museum and is no less than a treasure-love for Europeans.

The image makes the viewer active as it displays the action and movements of eighteen people who were the Guild of SharpShooters commanded by Captain Frans Banninck. The profile of Captain that is in the middle of the painting is ensuring his power to command the shooters to start the march. The perfect expressions and unique representation make this one of the greatest oil painting reproductions of the 17th century.

It was temporarily removed from the museum in 1939 during the onset of the second world war. With the passing years, the artwork became darker, from where it was finally named ‘The NighWatch’, portraying Rembrandt’s proficiency in sunlight and shade.

3. Philosopher In Meditation 1632

Philosopher In Meditation 1632

Another beautiful contribution of the famous Dutch artist, Rembrandt in the 17th century is ‘Philosopher in Meditation 1632. It was proficiently brushed up after Rembrandt made his way to Amsterdam on leaving his native home.

Completely different from his other action pieces, its metaphor is the utter calmness in life. The man sitting near the window, all glowing with the sprinkles of sunshine, depicts the serenity and peace surrounded one’s life. It is a unique choice, perfection, and selection of sterling hues by Rembrandt that make this piece one of the mesmerizing in the list of popular artworks.

4. The Return Of Prodigal Son c. 1669

The Return Of Prodigal Son c. 1669

‘The Return of Prodigal Son’, the oil painting by Rembrandt, is claimed to be the finest picture ever painted. It is part of the collection of Hermitage Museum, which picturizes the return of the prodigal son to his father.

In the painting, the son seems to be returned back to his father after experiencing the dire straits in the outside world. Where his father is accepting him with lovable gestures, his brother is standing nearby opposing this father’s kindness towards the immoral son. The image is a seamless example of the power of forgiveness that can save many lives and fill life with blissfulness.

In A Nutshell

Rembrandt, the person with skills, talent, innovation, and a fine hand in creativity, brought plentiful pleasure in the form of paintings and etchings. His endeavors to craft varying situations in detail definitely brought innovation in the world of art. One can consider his artwork to not merely enhance the embellishment but also to make way for enlightenment in life. Above all, embracing the distinguished genres of  Rembrandt’s paintings on, such as action, calm, peace, faith, and others, can transform the perspective towards life.

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