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Speak N’ Spellbinder: Circuit Bending Goodness

Part Speak and Spell, part Guitar Hero controller, this device is the ultimate in circuit-bending. Riddled with knobs, switches and a 1/4″ output, the Speak N’ Spellbinder will no doubt crank out some of the craziest glitch your precious ears have ever heard. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump for a video of the madness.

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GlitchNES: Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

Previously, I showed you how to manipulate video using Pure Data and a MIDI controller. This time around, we’re skipping the computer and all the bullshit. Using a program called glitchNES, you can now alter code in your favorite NES ROM to produce glitchy, hacked video and music. I’d imagine it would be awesome for live performance or video manipulation. ...

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Halo 3 Glitch: Master Chief Stretched a Little Thin

If you played a lot of Halo 3 over the weekend (like I did) you may have noticed a peculiar glitch with regard to Master Chief. Whenever he gets stepped on by a Scarab, Chief gets stretched out and thrown into the air. I didn’t notice the glitch personally, but then again I don’t suck enough to get stepped on. ...

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