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StereoVision 3D VuCam brings pop to your pics

If you’ve ever wanted to take pictures that are 3D, the StereoVision 3D VuCam finally brings the dreamers a dream come true. Using a combination of binocular optics and two 3.1 MP cameras, the VuCam can take 3D pictures even from a distance, allowing an up close and personal realism to your photos. The VuCam’s binocular optics magnify up to ...

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Tabletop Photo Studio saves your sale

Here is an excellent solution to finding satisfactory places to photograph your items for eBay and other auction sites. If you were to read any book about how to be a successful seller on eBay, one of the most important facts always mentioned is the need for good photos. The photo presents a professionalism that could otherwise not be seen. ...

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USB Photo Cube for squares

There must be a USB for just about everything nowadays, but we are still yet to get sick of the wacky USB creations companies keep releasing. Here is the USB Desktop Digital Photo Cube. A cube that connects through any USB port and stores up to 30 of your photos, serving as a little desktop nook. The picture is really ...

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Reuters teams with Yahoo for user submitted news photos

It’s how Peter Parker made a living after discovering his secret Spiderman powers, and now Yahoo and Reuters want to pay you to take pictures of breaking news stories. Yahoo and Reuters have recently partnered up to create a service they are calling “You Witness”. This service runs off of the premise that nearly everyone has a camera on their ...

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