StereoVision 3D VuCam brings pop to your pics


If you’ve ever wanted to take pictures that are 3D, the StereoVision 3D VuCam finally brings the dreamers a dream come true. Using a combination of binocular optics and two 3.1 MP cameras, the VuCam can take 3D pictures even from a distance, allowing an up close and personal realism to your photos.

The VuCam’s binocular optics magnify up to 8x with a 44mm objective lens. With the option of both auto and manual focus, you can add a hint of creative blurring or what have you to any of the 3D images you take. The images can also be downloaded directly onto your computer. Images can be saved to a removable flash memory card as well for you card reader fans. You can also preview your shot by glancing at the pop up LCD display.

Images will work on a 3D monitor or screen without glasses, and with glasses when not using a special 3D display. You can also print the images with anaglyph settings. The VuCam runs on 2 AA batteries, but sadly only compresses photos in JPEG. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [StereoVision, via Digital Trends]

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