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USBCELL Reinvents Recharging Batteries

Think about the masses of AA batteries you go through every year. How many of them could have been reused with an easier method of recharging? Even though we already have plenty of gadgets we charge from our computer, USBCELL allows us to save some money too. The USBCELL batteries charge right from a USB port on your computer, and ...

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The Four Cubes Clock

Somethings we’ll never understand, but we learn to accept them as certainties. What is our geeky obsession with cool clocks and watches? We don’t have an answer for that question, but we do have incentive for you to join our excitement. The Four Cubes Clock is a snazzy tabletop timepiece consisting of…well, four cubes that display the time, two designated ...

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DIY: Joinmax Digital Quadruped Robot Kit

This cool kit gives you everything you need to create your own four-legged, spider-like robot. The Joinmax Digital Quadruped Robot Kit packs in an intermediate level DIY project, with 8 servos for enough degrees of freedom to explore and experiment with the robots motion and gait. The only thing not included in the set that an amateur robotics builder would ...

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StereoVision 3D VuCam brings pop to your pics

If you’ve ever wanted to take pictures that are 3D, the StereoVision 3D VuCam finally brings the dreamers a dream come true. Using a combination of binocular optics and two 3.1 MP cameras, the VuCam can take 3D pictures even from a distance, allowing an up close and personal realism to your photos. The VuCam’s binocular optics magnify up to ...

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