Reuters teams with Yahoo for user submitted news photos

reutersIt’s how Peter Parker made a living after discovering his secret Spiderman powers, and now Yahoo and Reuters want to pay you to take pictures of breaking news stories. Yahoo and Reuters have recently partnered up to create a service they are calling “You Witness”. This service runs off of the premise that nearly everyone has a camera on their phone, and now these cameras are coming to a point where their image quality is acceptable for news stories. Because everyone has a camera phone, and there are always people around events that occur (which make breaking news), these people will take pictures of the happening and hopefully make some money.

Scott Moore, the head of news and information at Yahoo Media Group said that, “There is already a lot of quality amateur journalism being created by our users. Yahoo needed a more efficient process for soliciting and publishing user- contributed photos and video.” You Witness will launch tomorrow. If you happen to be one of these people who are in the wrong place at the right time, you can submit your pictures on main news page of Yahoo News orReuters’ You Witness page. It’s a concept that professional photographers might not appreciate, but is much more efficient for major news distributors. — Nik Gomez

You Witness [via ZDNet]

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