Deleting Embarrassing Facebook Photos Doesn’t Actually Delete the Photos

As Facebook strives to quell their privacy woes, more and more risks to our security are unveiled. This time, it’s the fact that deleting photos doesn’t actually delete your photos. Deleting your photos on Facebook is simple, you just click the delete photo link. Sounds easy enough. But what Facebook doesn’t want you to know is that even when you delete the photo from your page, a direct link to the photo’s URL still loads the image just as it would on the main site, despite the photo’s “deletion.”

The reason? Facebook keeps your photos on their servers after you delete them, a server which shouldn’t be accessible to the public, but is. How long does Facebook keep your photos? Years, in some cases. Ars Technica writer Jacqui Cheng deleted one of her photos in May of 2009. The photo still remains on Facebook’s servers.


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