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AutoCAD Makes a Triumphant Return to Mac

18 years ago, a little application by the name of AutoCAD, also known as Photoshop for engineers, vanished from the Mac platform into the oblivion of Windows PC exclusivity. After almost two decades of avoidance, AutoCAD has finally made its way back onto the Mac OS. The transition to Mac appears to have been a smooth one. The GUIs are ...

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Spelling Out Words with your Mac OS X Dock

Remember in school when you’d waste time by trying to make funny words with your calculator (lol, “boobs”)? We’ve grown up. We’re way past the days of trying to make naughty words on our tools of arithmetic. These days, we’ve turned to our Mac OS X docks for our creative word challenges. Check out some more words after the jump ...

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Video: iTouchMidi 101

This is a video I recorded earlier today demonstrating iTouchMidi, a program we wrote about the other day. I demonstrate how it works and show you how you can use your iPod Touch or iPhone as a beatmaking device. Very cool stuff here. Be sure to check it out and leave comments on those sweet sunglasses I’m wearing. YouTube Link

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Mac OS X Compatibility Chart For The Latest Netbooks

Interested in running Mac OS X on your new netbook? Then check out this compatibility chart provided by Rob Beschizza of Boing Boing Gadgets. Because Apple takes its sweet time on all of its ideas, netbook users have taken it upon themselves to try and get the Mac operating system running on various different netbooks. According to Rob, the ideal ...

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Software I Actually Bought: MediaLink

I have to come clean for a minute. I haven’t purchased any Mac or PC software in well over three years. I’m a pirating machine and I’d like to think I do it very well. However, I recently got a demo of some software called MediaLink from Nullriver Software. It essentially links my Macs to my Playstation 3 out in ...

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How To: Run Mac OS X on a PC

I have to admit, the last place I ever expected to see a tutorial detailing how to install OS X on a PC would be the Register. But hey, Brian Hurley has a fantastic tutorial for those of you too broke to afford Apple’s hardware. The process is very detailed and is more suited for a long weekend than an ...

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