AutoCAD Makes a Triumphant Return to Mac

18 years ago, a little application by the name of AutoCAD, also known as Photoshop for engineers, vanished from the Mac platform into the oblivion of Windows PC exclusivity. After almost two decades of avoidance, AutoCAD has finally made its way back onto the Mac OS.

The transition to Mac appears to have been a smooth one. The GUIs are nearly identical on both platforms and the new Mac version even supports Cover Flow for browsing designs, multi-touch, and Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. What took them so long to break away from their closed Windows vision? Who knows. Maybe it just took them two decades to get things right. A piece of software like AutoCAD does not come cheap. The full software package will cost you $3975, though you can try out a 30-day free trial. The mobile version, AutoCAD WS, is also available for free on the iPhone and iPad.

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