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Software I Actually Bought: MediaLink

I have to come clean for a minute. I haven’t purchased any Mac or PC software in well over three years. I’m a pirating machine and I’d like to think I do it very well. However, I recently got a demo of some software called MediaLink from Nullriver Software. It essentially links my Macs to my Playstation 3 out in ...

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The OS X Finder Pillow Collection

Check out these cool Halloween-themed Finder icon pillows created by Etsy user THROWBOY, one of which claims the same name as the old orange Macs. The vampire? That’s “Count Macula.” The ghost, that’s the Spooker.” The Frankenstein, that’s the “Finderstein.” As for the pumpkin, it’s called the “Mac-O-Lantern.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. Instructables already gave you the know ...

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Next-gen MacBook Pros to have brighter and crisper displays

Rumors are flooding through the Mac grapevine. AppleInsider is reporting that industry insiders are confirming the production of LED backlit MacBook Pros, marking Macs transition away from CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent backlights). As of now, plans for LED integration are only for the 15-inch series. The 13 and 17in series’ are still under consideration, but seem like an inevitable addition ...

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iAlbum lets you transfer photos directly from your camera to your iPod

      Apple has done a gorgeous job integrating the iPod to be compatible with both PCs and Macs. But one feature that would be cool to have that PC users might find difficult, is directly transferring photos from a SD card directly to your iPod’s drive. There are ways to do it, whether it be through syncing (which ...

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