Next-gen MacBook Pros to have brighter and crisper displays

macbook pro

Rumors are flooding through the Mac grapevine. AppleInsider is reporting that industry insiders are confirming the production of LED backlit MacBook Pros, marking Macs transition away from CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent backlights).

As of now, plans for LED integration are only for the 15-inch series. The 13 and 17in series’ are still under consideration, but seem like an inevitable addition once the 15-inch is fully tested and gauged.

The new LED’s should also prove to conserve battery-time, while also producing a longer lit life then the original CCFLs. The explosion of personal laptops of the last few years has put the MacBook in the position to get the royal treatment over the iMac.

In these modern days of “the smaller and lighter, the better” while still demanding good quality, the LED MacBook will not disappoint. Apple has proved itself as a monster in the personal technology field. Something tells us this Frankenstein monster a la Steve Jobs, isn’t getting shackled anytime soon. — Andrew Dobrow

Next-gen MacBook Pro to shine brighter [AppleInsider]

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