iAlbum lets you transfer photos directly from your camera to your iPod

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Apple has done a gorgeous job integrating the iPod to be compatible with both PCs and Macs. But one feature that would be cool to have that PC users might find difficult, is directly transferring photos from a SD card directly to your iPod’s drive. There are ways to do it, whether it be through syncing (which is unreasonably annoying when you only want a few pictures uploaded), or just shoving a SD card into the charger port on the iPod until it breaks (which while is much less annoying, never seems to work), but never a true way to add only the pictures you want, directly to your iPod.

Sakar International’s iAlbum is a little accessory that allows you to transfer photos from an SD card directly into your iPod. One cool benefit of having something like this that comes to mind, is that sharing pictures with friends can be a hell of a lot easier now. If you are out with a friend who is snapping pictures left and right, pictures in which you want but know your friend isn’t reliable enough to e-mail to you, just whip out the iAlbum and transfer away. We could think of more useful tools for the iPod, but for the active hipster always on the go, iAlbum could be a god send. — Andrew Dobrow

iAlbum to allow iPod photo transfers from SD, Memory Stick [iLounge]

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