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Get Your 12GB Playstation 3 Online Now For $200

12GB Playstation 3

Sony has released their "Europe and Hong Kong only" 12GB Playstation 3 online in its US store. What does this release mean? Well it means that if you're looking for a more affordable albeit low memory version of the PS3 then you're in luck.

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Playstation 3 Jailbroken, Finally

After much, much, much adieu, the Playstation 3 has finally been “jailbroken,” the last major console to be cracked. Who was capable of such sheer genius hackery?� The same guy who first jailbroke the iPhone, Mr. George Hotz, better known on the web as Geohot. What’s even more impressive is that it took him merely five weeks to penetrate the ...

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PS3 Wireless Visual Interface Brings the Screen to You

Since I haven’t been able to save up just yet for any super-comfy furniture, I always have to contort my body into the weirdest positions in order to both be comfortable and see the screen while I play my PS3. Someone walking in on me would think I was performing some sort of kinky solo Kama Sutra. This awesome PS3 ...

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