Rumor: Sony Prepping “Hack-Proof” PS3?

Sony’s recent crusade against hacking their PlayStation 3 has been in the news with some frequency as of late. Most of the drama has been around George Hotz, aka “Geohot,” who published the rootkey to the PlayStation 3 online. What that does is allow hackers and homebrewers almost unlimited access to the PS3’s settings and therefore allowing them to do just about anything they can come up with.

Sony, for seemingly obvious reasons, was not amused. So unamused was Sony that now, if the rumors are true, the company is working on a “hack-proof” PlayStation 3. This PS3 would include a 300GB hard drive and, in the United Kingdom, would sell for Ł186.99. That would come out to roughly $300 in the US ($302.47, if you want to be specific), making the price point more or less in line with the PS3 line right now.

Sony has taken the complete opposite route of Microsoft, which has come out and endorsed hardware hacks, provided that they stay within the bounds of the law. Why Sony insists on being such a stickler is well beyond me.


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  1. cant wait too hack that one too !!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha !!

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