PS3 Wireless Visual Interface Brings the Screen to You

Since I haven’t been able to save up just yet for any super-comfy furniture, I always have to contort my body into the weirdest positions in order to both be comfortable and see the screen while I play my PS3. Someone walking in on me would think I was performing some sort of kinky solo Kama Sutra.

This awesome PS3 Wireless Visual Interface, designed by Ben Heck protege and forum user techknott, would allow me to sit any which way I desire, without having to worry about my head’s relation to my TV. Basically, it turns the PS3 into a portable handheld console which you can only play within a certain proximity of a receiver. Hit up the naughty little demo video after the jump.

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  1. That thing looks like a oversize piece of crap- the PSP already does this- I have not heard about what games work though, last check it was not many

  2. Hightechhippie your full of shit, PSP can play minis and Psp games, not a single PS3 games work over PSP.

    Let me know when you get MW2 running like that on you PSP. The only oversized peice of crap would be you.
    Fucking retard.

  3. I think Phantom and Hightechhippie are JEALOUS cause you guys just want that ps3 WVI so bad like i do but you dont have to be fucktards or bitches about it

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