Satoshi’s Nakamoto Dream – Bitcoin part 3

Use bitcoin

Let’s talk some more about the Privacy side of carrying out transactions using the blokchain tech. This is after all, the main argument of crypto lovers – decentralized, completely anonymous payment system that is widely used for buying various illegal things on the darknet and it’s the major reason why the gambling industry has fallen in love with cryptocurrencies, the ...

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Satoshi’s Nakamoto Dream – The History of Bitcoin Part 2


In part one we were talking about Transactions, temporary marking server and the proof of work model. Now let’s dive deeper into the Bitcoin’s network, different types of transactions and how the network verifies the payments. More and more vendors accept cryptocurrencies and with the big players from Gambling industry switching to cryptocurrencies, anything from a typical sites offering traditional ...

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Satoshi’s Nakamoto Dream – The History of Bitcoin Part 1


A full-fledged version of virtual money based on a peer-to-peer network communication model would allow online payments to be sent directly from one entity to another without the need for transactions to flow through financial institutions and other middlemen. Digital signatures give us a partial solution to the problem, but the main disadvantage of this type of solution is the ...

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Crossy Road Review – Crossing The Streams

Let’s start with a big question: what should a video game be? There are many who believe the purpose of video games is exclusively for entertainment, and that educational or “serious” games have no place in the world. Others still believe the opposite, that video games should operate in the same way that all art does, and that all statements ...

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4 Awesome Tips on How to Build Your Ecommerce Website

Web security

We are living in a digital era where online businesses are growing at a faster rate.  As a business owner, it is essential to shift your business model to online. The first step to start your online website is to have a website.  Your website is your online shop where your clients will reach out to you and do business ...

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Is a Smart TV Worth the Money you Pay?

Smart tv

The question of whether smart TV are the worth money or not comes to every single person who has ever planned on buying one. Well smart TV is the next gen TVs and their benefits cannot be ignored. But they also come with some features which you don’t necessarily need unless otherwise.  So this article will help you a lot ...

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Product Sales Training for Evolving Markets

product sale

Today’s marketplace is changing faster than at any other time in history. This is particularly true with electronics that may only be on the market for months before a new version is available. The reality of a rapidly shifting marketplace means that sales managers must train their teams to sell new products and services quickly before the competition does. Below ...

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How to Choose the Best Lightning Detection System

Fire detector

Lightning is often produced during rain and storm. Although lightening from storm and rain is mostly safe, during extreme weather conditions, the same lightening can be life-threatening. This is true especially in cases if you are outdoors when the storm is taking place. In hazardous storms, it always a good idea to keep yourself safe than be sorry later. No one ...

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Backflipper Review – Flipping Out


It’s fair to say that many of us here are not exactly specimens of physical prowess. Sure, we walk now and then, but we wouldn’t necessarily count exercise among our favorite pastimes in the world. We’d much rather be sitting on a couch playing video games and eating something unhealthy than running at the crack of dawn, watching the sun ...

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Guide to Having the Perfect Payment Provider

payment gateway

Perfect payment providers do exist. Here’s what to look for in yours. If you’re looking to set up an e-commerce business, or perhaps upgrade the one you have, choosing a payment provider is one of the first and most important decision you’ll make. Like most things, payment providers aren’t created equal. But then, the perfect one for you is out ...

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