5 Reasons for Launching a Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Do you want to start and run a successful eCommerce store online? Then, begin by researching on google. Look for the best performing eCommerce stores that generate higher revenues online.   In your research, you’ll find names like Walmart, Airbnb, eBay, Amazon, among others. Yes, these stores work on different business models selling various products. But one thing is common; they ...

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5 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Tech Should Watch

ted talk

If you like to watch videos on YouTube, I am sure you must have heard of TED talks. TED talks are a channel that offers free lectures by industry experts, high covers and sometimes weirdoes who live off the beaten path. From self-improvement to medical science, TED uploads all kinds of videos on both their YouTube channel and their website. ...

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Syncing Your Garage Door to Your Phone Does More Than You Think


Did you know that the number of smart homes is expected to double between now and the year 2023? The adoption is expected to pick up more momentum as the technology evolves from the current ‘nice-to-have’ state to a more consumer-urgent ‘must-have’ status. There are some who feel that smart home tech is not quite there yet. If you’re not ...

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The 4 Best Car Infotainment Systems Out There


Cars aren’t just utilitarian machines to get you from A to B. Spending a good amount of your daily life in a car, you want it to be more than that – you want it to keep you comfortable, keep you entertained, keep you on track and keep you safe.  That’s why, when looking for your next car to lease, ...

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Does the Difficulty Increase in Video Game Levels Just for the Sake of It?


Introducing difficulty options in games isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many video games have featured one or the other variation of this standard Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard set of difficulty presets for players to choose from, VERY HARD being the right way for any video games to be played in. Most casual players find themselves cycling between normal ...

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Golf Has a Lot in Store in 2020


New Year’s Day, 2020, will be a wonderful day to start the year on the golf course. You will have all of the new gear you received as Christmas presents, so join your buds, and hit the links. Hopefully, you can join the other golfers at the phenomenal Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota. Naturally, we want a set of ...

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3 Branding Mistakes Companies Frequently Make

Marketing business

When it comes to building a business, nothing is as fundamental and central to your success as the product. But even the perfect product won’t generate the results you need to be profitable and successful without strategic branding. The problem is that most companies don’t invest enough time and resources into proper branding. They try to hack their way to ...

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How To Use Hash Tags To Your Advantage When Posting On Instagram


Social media is an exciting part of digital marketing. It’s fun, interactive and a little more causal than the likes of SEO strategy. But it can be a little complex. Social media marketing isn’t just about posting cute memes and quirky replies in the comments section. It’s about getting the word out about your brand and making meaningful connections with ...

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Do you know What Asanas in Yoga are?


Postures, which are performed during the physical activity of Yoga, are called asanas. These postures have been developed over many thousands of years. Initially Yoga practice used meditation, rituals in addition to chanting in order to form a connection to the divine. However, in later years as Yoga became more accessible to the masses, teachers introduced postures so that the ...

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Is Climate Change the Reason Behind Venice Floods


Venice, also known as La Dominante or the City of Water, has suffered one of the worst floods in the last 50 years. As of November 26, 2019, the water continues to rise with the arrival of each high tide. For the past few years, the city has sustained mild flooding during the autumn and spring, but the situation in ...

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