How CBD Products could Benefit Professional Gamers


Many of the largest gaming sports leagues have long banned cannabis from use during competitions, but what is different in their approach is the decision to allow the use of marijuana products recreationally or medicinally at any time that there is not an active tournament in motion. Though most physical sports leagues view cannabis as a detriment to their player’s ...

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Best Free TV Streaming Sites in 2019 [Legal]


The cost of traditional cable is increasing year after year as most users are giving preference to TV subscription companies like NetFlix and YouTube TV. Although these media services are cheaper and better than the traditional cable, you still have to pay a substantial amount each month to continue to get your favorite TV shows and sports games on your ...

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How Will AI Change Our Lives?


In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has evolved a lot, and it can be seen as AI’s journey from a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives. We use AI in various systems like our phones, television, smart cars, smart watches, drones, music and media devices, video games, banking sectors, smart home devices, etc. AI has ...

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Where to Find the Best Online Slots!

For a long time now, slots have been the go-to game of most players. Whether you choose to play them in a bar, in a brick and mortar casino, in an online casino or even through an app on your phone, they are just as amazing. With so many to choose from and so many ways to play them, sometimes ...

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Top Amazing Features of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla model

No one took electric cars seriously until Tesla decided to make one. Tesla Model 3 has practically no competitors and is one of the most affordable electric cars out there. No need for power train, converter, or a muffler. It does not run on gas so it requires practically no maintenance. Along with Model S, Model 3 is one the ...

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Five tech giants driving healthcare innovation


Americans spend more on healthcare than any other developed country on the planet. Last year alone, U.S health spending reached $3.65 trillion and will continue to grow, on an average annual rate of 5.5 percent until 2027. The stakes are high and the winnings are even higher, which is why tech giants are eager to penetrate the healthcare field by ...

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6 Cool Gifts for your Graduating Sibling


Graduations are fun and festive. Someone is reaching a milestone. Someone is stepping into a new world of duties, whether that is high school, college, or the working world. Graduations are emotional, especially if one of your siblings is receiving a diploma or a degree. There is so much emotion involved. So many years of togetherness. You notice a sibling’s ...

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How to Set Up a Home Bar


If you enjoy a good drink or hosting, a fantastic home bar is something that every grown-up home should have, even if you don’t drink alcohol. Friends will be lining up to visit, and a home bar adds a certain elegance to the home. Cocktails are as popular as ever and with the right bar equipment and the essential ingredients, ...

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A Drive Into the World of Music and Technology

classical music

From music listeners to artists to the producers, we all participate in music in one way or another. If anything changes in the music industry, it affects all the mentioned stakeholders. Over the years, music has evolved from only being played at live performances to the phonograph (the first record player) to electric guitars which were used in almost all ...

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create list

If you’re reading this then you’re probably looking to start an email drip campaign for your business or maybe you’re a little curious about the buzz around it. An email drip campaign is a marketing strategy that revolves around an entire series of marketing emails that are written beforehand. These emails work as drips for a potential consumer, which can ...

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