NBCUniversal Launches Yet Another Streaming Service


Netflix used to be more or less the only big-name player in town when it came to entertainment streaming service, but these days everybody wants to get in on the action. First, it was Amazon Prime. After that, it was CBS All Access. Disney got in on the action in a big way at the end of 2019 with Disney ...

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Vaping Should Taste Good: 7 Simple Ways to Fix a Burned Vape


One of the most common problems that new and intermediate vapers deal with is a burned taste when vaping. The burned taste might start to creep in after you’ve been using a coil for a while, or it could happen immediately with a new coil. A burned vape is particularly problematic for a new vaper because, if you’re new to ...

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Life Lessons You Can Pick Up While Watching Anime

Rich life

You have an awesome addiction if you are fixated on watching Japanese cartoons at the at the ani.me site. This is actually an excellent obsession to cultivate once you are done with your daily responsibilities. Watching anime is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. With its fun themes, exciting scenes, compelling storylines, and amazing visuals, it ...

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12 Insightful Quotes About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Human beings constantly strive to make their life easier. The level of comfort, safety, and convenience a modern human is used to is quite astounding. Artificial intelligence was invented to make machines work in a smart and intuitive way so humans can focus on tasks that are enjoyable and worthy. However, when you look at where the world of artificial ...

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What Makes a Great Ecommerce CMS


Since the last decade, the ecommerce industry has expanded like never before using the power of the written word. Content oriented platforms have become a marketing tool for creating brand awareness, gaining credibility, and eventually building a solid audience for ecommerce platforms. Pouring resources into content marketing by creating quality content for your customers is a no-brainer these days. That’s ...

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Genesis: The Secret Marketplace That Sells Digital Doppelgängers

Digital world

In February 2019, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered the Genesis marketplace, an e-store that trades in digital fingerprints.  As with most online bazaars dealing in illegal items, Genesis is on the dark web. Its patrons are attackers seeking an effective and discreet way to steal without interference. And with each fingerprint profile selling for US$5 to $200, it’s an affordable choice ...

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Things to Do When in Heidelberg


Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany.  Nestled in the heart of the Baden-Württemberg region, every year this picturesque German town attracts millions of tourists from across the world. Here we take a look at the myriad of things that this European delight has to offer: Exploring the Old Town With cobbled streets, dotted with ...

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Top Ways How Credit Cards Can Make Your Life Cooler

credit card

You will earn lots of benefits as soon as you acquire a credit card as long as you are disciplined with your spending, proper payment of your balance every month, and understand the rules of a credit card. However, if you find it challenging meeting the obligation regarding the monthly fee of your credit card, then you better off cut ...

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Is Hollywood Damaging Online Casinos? Branded Slots vs Regular Slot Machines

online casino

Nowadays, slot machine games are graphically perfected and there are numerous themed slots crafted to cater to different people. Some of these slots are based on popular TV-shows such as South Park or Game of Thrones, whilst some are based on famous bands or even on general topics like vampires or ancient Egypt, most popular among UK casino players. What ...

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How Do I Become a Game Developer in 2020

game developer

In 2020, there are a lot of naysayers out there who think all game developers will be out of work in the next few years. Due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Software Automation, a lot of wannabe game developers are worried about their career choice. Surely, the new technology will force the industry to make massive changes in ...

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