9 Primal Benefits of Italy Golden Visa

Thousands of foreign investors from all over the world annually make a move to finance a specific area of life in return for a special status. This type of offer is quite promising and interesting for investors wishing to diversify their capital and obtain passive income in the form of real estate and other things.

One of the most competitive and original state programs is the Italy Golden Visa. The project assumes four different directions:

  • purchase of securities;
  • investing in an Italian company;
  • financing a business idea;
  • charitable contribution.

It is possible to purchase real estate anywhere in Italy. Many people choose this method of immigration because of the impressive number of benefits that will be available to each candidate for special status.

1) Fast Track to Residency

The Italian government is interested in foreign investors making their investments as often and as much as possible. On average, it takes 3 months or more to process documents and other certificates. If the candidate meets the requirements of the project, then the commission will have no additional questions and can safely apply for a special status with further naturalization.

2) Access to Quality Healthcare and Education

Applicants for the long-awaited document can count on European-level medical care. In addition, Italian healthcare services meet three main criteria:

  • efficiency;
  • productivity;
  • quality.

All those who wish to join the Italy Golden Visa program can freely apply for help and count on treatment in comfortable conditions. The state of Italy does its best to ensure access to quality education for every citizen.

3) Freedom to Travel Across Schengen Zone

It is possible to travel within the territory of Italy without any problems and restrictions. Such benefits of Italian citizenship are one of the most desirable for wealthy people who wish to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the countries that are part of the Schengen zone. Now there is no need to apply for a visa. All actions take place with the help of one document that confirms the status of a foreign investor. It is possible to travel to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and other countries.

4) Long-term Residency Options and Path to Citizenship

After the project participants have lived in the country for five years, they can apply for long-term residence in Italy and have additional rights under Italian law. They are also granted access to social security and education in the EU states. After 10 years, all participants of the investment project can safely apply for a long-awaited passport through naturalization.

5) Investment Flexibility in Real Estate and Other Sectors

The Italian real estate market has always been characterized by stability and low volatility. The most popular regions for the acquisition of real estate for applicants for Italy residency by investment are considered Bologna, Rome, Palermo, Verona, Milan and Turin. The cost of apartments varies from €1967 per square meter.

 6) Favorable Tax Treatment for New Residents

Many investors prefer to choose programs that will favorably affect their commercial activities. Foreign investors will pay a fixed tax of 100 thousand euros once a year instead of the standard taxation conditions. Such conditions will be valid for 15 years.

7) Family Reunification Opportunities

The program provides for the participation of individuals who not only have an impressive capital, but also their family members. Close relatives can reunite with the family and enjoy the privileges of a foreign investor. According to Vladlena Baranova, a specialist of the Immigrant Invest agency, the application method is not complicated and does not require special checks.

8) Cultural Richness and Lifestyle Benefits

The main pros of applying for special status by investing a certain amount of assets is to live in a country with a comfortable climate, rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes and access to the sea and mountains. Here people lead a measured lifestyle, where access to beautiful places will be available 24/7.

9) Security of EU Residency

All European citizens and foreign depositors are protected by law. There is a low crime rate, no fraud and no tax evasion. The social sphere works efficiently and promptly responds to unlawful cases. This factor is considered to be one of the key factors of Italy Golden Visa benefits.


Immigrant Invest offers an individual approach to each client and the services of professional experts who monitor all changes in the programs of residence for investment. To apply, fill in the online form on the official web resource or call our managers at the phone number provided.

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