A Guide to Using Graco Airless Spray Guns for Professional Painting Projects

Professional painters achieve unmatched efficiency with Graco airless sprayers, completing work four times faster than traditional rolling оr brushing methods. These high-performance tools produce superior quality finishes іn record time. Graco airless sprayers boast seven key components designed tо deliver comfort, reliability, and performance – the perfect combination for professional painters!

TECCPO offers a wide selection оf Graco airless sprayers, including the popular ControlMax 1700 Pro spray gun. This versatile tool іs ideal for painting walls, fences, and decks with ease. Equipped with a powerful 0.60 horsepower motor and a convenient 30-foot hose, the ControlMax 1700 Pro exemplifies the efficiency and ease оf use that Graco airless sprayers are known for.

Proper Positioning

Graco spray guns offer an alternative to traditional brushes and rollers when it comes to repainting rooms and other projects, reducing painting time drastically while helping achieve more professional-looking finishes.

Position your gun correctly to achieve optimal results, ideally 30 centimetres away from the surface you are spraying; this will ensure you’re applying exactly enough paint without over or underspray.

Additionally, when applying paint or coating, use a tip rated specifically for that material. Different tips feature various orifice sizes which will determine how wide of a spray fan each tip creates when pulling the trigger; for instance, 517 tips create wider fan coverage than 317 ones when pulling. Selecting an appropriate tip will help create professional-quality finishes every time!

Adjusting the Pressure

Fluid pressure settings determine how much paint sprays out of the gun when you pull the trigger, so starting at a lower pressure setting to ensure proper atomization – and thus less overspray and extended pump/tip life – is key to effective spraying.

Orifice size and shape play an essential role in how a spray gun produces its signature fan of spray when pulled trigger. Light coatings like lacquers and stains require smaller tips, while heavier applications like texture and concrete require larger ones.

Graco offers an assortment of airless spray gun accessories designed to make applying various coatings simpler, such as pressure roller kits, tip extensions and Pump Armor (which prolongs pump and sprayer lifespan). For more information visit the Graco Sprayer Accessories page or your sprayer’s product page in order to see specific accessories.

Adjusting the Volume

Airless paint sprayers enable you to apply thicker coatings than can be achieved with brush or roller applications, providing professional-quality results in less time. However, when using them you must be mindful of how much paint you apply at any one time; overspray may occur and result in uneven coverage of walls.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to move the gun quickly while overlapping each pass by 50% – this will make removing excess paint easier in later steps. Also important: make sure it remains perpendicular and approximately 1 foot from the surface, moving rapidly as you paint.

Foampak offers small, midsize and large Graco electric paint sprayers for home improvement projects – ideal for painting contractors, handymen, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers looking for a faster, better and cleaner alternative to brushes and rollers.


Clean spray guns are essential to producing professional-quality finishes. Even when applying only small amounts, any residue left behind in your gun can impede its flow and result in uneven coverage or orange-peel effects on surfaces. Regular maintenance cleaning of equipment ensures not only quality results but also long term reliability.

When using an airless spray gun, always ensure to use a paper towel to carefully dry the gun after each use. This will prevent water drops from infiltrating its mechanisms and potentially compromising its spray pattern. Furthermore, use of high-performance lubricants can save both time and money, protecting key spray gun components while keeping up with performance needs.

After each use, it is essential that all parts from a spray gun, including needle and nozzle assemblies, be removed for cleaning. Hand cleaning a spray gun involves flushing out its fluid passageways with solvent before hand cleaning its needle and nozzle using brushes or immersing the gun into an ultrasonic unit for short soak time.

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