Best Home Improvement Projects for Increasing the Value of Home


With the real estate market in a great slump, many people have chosen to not sell their home. Rather, they have decided to increase the sale value of your property in Delhi. Many home improvement projects add value to your home and improve the quality of life. By working on these projects, one can enjoy the updates and benefits that it brings upon.

Best home improvement projects

Some of the best home improvement projects that bring value to your home including increasing the value of your home is to incorporate a design in time for summer. Discover inspiring ideas and concepts at design in time for summer to enhance your home’s appeal and value.

Kitchen remodeling

Many people consider kitchen to be the central part of their home and due to this, updates to this room is worth a lot. You can consider replacing the old appliances of your kitchen with the energy efficient models. It is because, the energy rated star appliances are regarded best for the environment and they also aid the home owner in saving money as they utilize less energy. The potential buyers normally look for techniques to save money while shopping for new home. Regarding paints, you can consider utilizing low VOC paint. This makes your kitchen much more eco-friendly and assists your family to avoid the danger of breathing in dangerous chemicals, such as benzene that lets gas off from the normal fresh paint.

Bathroom remodeling

When your home has only one bathroom, you can consider recouping a bulk of investment by including another one. When you find room in your home for adding an extra bathroom, consider taking a look at additional rooms or the spaces that are underutilized. You can also consider other places like closets or spaces under the stairs. If you need a half bath, you require an optimum of 18 square feet and when you need a full bath, consider including a stand-up shower for which you would require 30 square feet. When you want to install a bathtub, ensure that you have a minimum of 35 square feet to perform a bathroom addition. The cost of including a bathroom highly relies on the types of accessories and additions you need to use and the price of each of these materials.

Reinventing a room

Including more square footage to the home with new room can be an expensive project. Though you can regain a large percentage of your investment, which is anywhere from 50 to 83%, the cost of this project can spin quickly out of control. Reinvent the already existing space of your home. Convert the attic or finish a basement to a bedroom. The homeowners can also small apartments over or in their garages that they can later rent as a room. Before you demolish rafters and walls, think about the methods you and prospective buyers can utilize the space.

  • Versatile rooms offer greater appeal to the prospective buyers.
  • Basements tend to work well as game rooms or second living rooms. Many people also turn space as a small apartment for a tenant or an aging relative.
  • Attic spaces always work well for game rooms and craft rooms, particularly when they have high ceilings. When you have children, you can include swings to the rafters and make a cool play room for them.

Include energy-efficient windows

In the recent days, buyers shop for homes having energy efficient features in mind. Drafty, old single pace windows are a greater turn-off. By including energy efficient windows, you can able to recoup 60 to 90 percentages of your costs.

Deck addition

Including a deck improves the value of your home. The outdoor living spaces become more desirable, particularly as more people stay in the home for vacation, which is referred as staycation. When you make your backyard and deck more appealing, your home will be more pleasing to possible buyers if you decide to sell. The cost of adding deck differs widely. Everything depends on the size and the number of whistles and bells added, like the multiple stairs, built-in seating, the size of a deck and the built-in flower pots.

Final word

People are so concerned about increasing the value of their home. Several home improvement projects do not tend to add value to the home, particularly in a down market. Moreover some improvement could also detract from the claimed price while deciding to sell. But, on the other hand, some projects like the aforementioned points will add significant value to any home.

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