6 Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

There are far too many kitchen gadgets to keep up with these days but there are a select few that no kitchen should be without. Today we’re going to take a look at 6 kitchen gadgets that everyone should have in their kitchen.

5-Way Can Opener

1. The 5-Way Can Opener

…because we’re pretty sure that you’re tired of shredding your hands while opening, well, just about everything.

2. A Personal Blender

…because getting that huge blender out just to make yourself a breakfast smoothie is way too much hassle.

3. A Set of Progressive International Magnetic Peelers

…because if you’re having carrots julienne, you need something to cut them with.

Donut Maker

4. A Donut Maker

…because we’re only human…

5. A Soap Dispensing Sink Brush

…because we’re lazy, that’s why.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

6. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

…because now you can avoid cockroaches in your fast food breakfast

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