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The Microwave And Pizza Oven Combination

Microwave Pizza Oven

Have you ever wondered how you can save counter space in your kitchen? Chances are, if you're like most people, you have far too many kitchen appliances and not enough counter space to keep them all in reach. That's why we like this microwave and pizza oven combination.

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6 Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There are far too many kitchen gadgets to keep up with these days but there are a select few that no kitchen should be without. Today we're going to take a look at 6 kitchen gadgets that everyone should have in their kitchen.

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Slice Your Apples on the MacBook Cutting Board

Until Steve Jobs decides to integrate cutting board technology into the iPad, I guess we’ll have to settle for this MacBook Cutting Board for all of our food preparation needs. The apple tree wood cutting board is designed to look like a unibody MacBook. Apple pie, fresh apple slices, apple scones, Apple iPods, they all have to start somewhere. You ...

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A Cheat Sheet for Foodies: Apron Cooking Guide

I’ll be the first to admit I know absolutely nothing about cooking. I’ve discovered multiple ways to screw-up the delicate art of cooking soup in the microwave. My specialty is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Basically, I don’t cook, period. But for those interested in improving your mad cooking skills, the Apron Cooking Guide acts as a cheat sheet for ...

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Knife + Fork = The Knork

While not as linguistically pleasing as the spork (it just has a good mouth feel, ya know?) or as entertaining as the Zing, the Knork molds together two essential eating utensils, without the worry of cutting your mouth open in the process. The Knork contains no sharp edges, so there’s no worries that you’ll accidentally slice yourself a nice Glasgow ...

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Sing Along Tongs: Tossing Salad Just Makes Me Wanna Sing

There’s something about tossing a salad that makes me just want to belt out a tune or twelve. Come on now, there’s no reason a man can’t toss a salad while belting out some Ethel Merman in the comfort of his own home. Don’t you sass me! The Sing Along Tongs aid your salad tossing-inspired singing efforts with their mic-inspired ...

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Wheel of Nutrition Dinnerware: Portion Control Made Easy

I’ve always been honest with my readers. I have a bit of a weight problem. I mean, I’m not confined to my bed or anything even near that, but I certainly have a little baggage I’d be willing to part with. With that said, the biggest part of losing weight for me has always been a combination between portion control ...

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