You Found What in Your Food?

We’ve all seen the stories on the news where people found insane (and usually really disgusting) things in their food. Well tonight we’re aiming to gross you out big time and take a look at some of the oddest (and most disgusting) things that people have found in their food.

The Cockroach in the Hashbrowns

Cockroach Hashbrowns
Via Imgur

Reddit user LinkBoyJT was apparently enjoying his McDonalds hashbrown when he felt something unusual on the bottom section. Turns out that something unusual was a dead cockroach.

The Snake in the Bread

Via Imgur

Another Redditor discovered a snake baked in bread.

The Frog in the Salad

Frog Salad

Walmart shopper Dwanita Pitman discovered a live frog inside her Marketside Greens.

The Dead Frog in the Salad

Dead Frog Salad
Via: Sarah Moss

It could have been worse for Dwanita though. One Tesco shopper discovered this dead frog in her bag of spinach greens!

Rusty Razor Jolly Ranchers


One California woman found an old, rusty razor blade in a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

Now…enjoy your snack before bed…

Via: Huffington Post

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