Do you know What Asanas in Yoga are?


Postures, which are performed during the physical activity of Yoga, are called asanas. These postures have been developed over many thousands of years. Initially Yoga practice used meditation, rituals in addition to chanting in order to form a connection to the divine. However, in later years as Yoga became more accessible to the masses, teachers introduced postures so that the ...

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Is Climate Change the Reason Behind Venice Floods


Venice, also known as La Dominante or the City of Water, has suffered one of the worst floods in the last 50 years. As of November 26, 2019, the water continues to rise with the arrival of each high tide. For the past few years, the city has sustained mild flooding during the autumn and spring, but the situation in ...

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Forget VR and Cloud Gaming, Game Streaming is the Future of Gaming

cloud gaming

The gaming industry has grown to be a giant in the past couple of decades. Long gone are the days of 8-bit games and chunky Nintendo consoles, the last few years saw esports growing exponentially with prize money going as high as $100 million. The gaming industry is also one of the fastest-growing and most frequently changing industries with the ...

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Life after Work-Related Injury


Having an injury does affect every one of us. We are not only talking about the pain it brings – we are especially talking about the impact our injury can bring us in the future. This depends on the type and severity of the injury (or illness) you got. A fractured arm is certainly worse than a broken (not cut) ...

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5 Best Calendar Apps to Help You Stay Organized

stay organized

Do you always do what you plan to do? Do you have a routine that you can stick to every week? If the answer is no, it is time to get your life organized and sorted out. Most people make promises and fail to deliver due to work pressure, family obligations or some other reasons. Work and family are very ...

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How Automation is Impacting Jobs and Wages

office worker

Automation has the potential to improve productivity while lowering overhead costs. There’s no question that automation will touch virtually every industry, but will it wipe out the human workforce entirely? In the future, robots could replace a human workforce. But for now, experts say that only about a quarter of jobs will be on the chopping block. Here’s how automation ...

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When can we Buy Homes Online?


In 1608, the Dutch eyeglass maker Hans Lipperhey was the first person to patent the telescope. It had up to 3x magnification. In the 400+ years since then, great minds ranging from Galileo to Carl Steinheil have improved on the original design. Today, we have the Hubble space telescope beaming back images of galaxies millions of miles away. Telescopes aren’t ...

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4 Technical Differences Between Free and Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms


If you have been thinking about switching from a free blogging platform to a self-hosted one, then it is important for you to understand the technical aspects of it. Let’s talk about a few major ones. 1. Costs Involved The first big difference between the two options is the cost to start them. As far as a free blogging platform ...

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Should You Use A Cable Material For The Stair Handrail?


Cable railings are a material that has been commercially used for quite some time now. Many commercial establishments use it because of its strength and durability. Not to mention, cable railing is sleek, which is perfect for the modern minimalist-industrial look. Today, cable railing is not only used in commercial establishments. It is also used in residential projects such as ...

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