Nordost’s $32,825 AV Cable

So here’s the biggest load of crap to hit the home entertainment market. The Whitelight Glass Fiber-optic Cable made by Nordost is supposed to deliver the best possible audio to your home theater. Your equipment better consist of McIntosh and nothing less, ’cause a pair of Whitelight cables will run you $32,825. Yes, that’s over thirty thousand dollars. I’m sure even the snobbiest audiophile would scoff at that price. Here’s a list of some stuff you could buy if you spent $25 on a set of gold-plated AV cables and saved the rest:

  • A brand new 2008 BMW 3-series – ~$30,000
  • Tons of strippers, drinks and drugs at Scores in NYC – $18,000
  • An autographed picture of Lindsay Lohan – $89
  • Rent for an entire year with utilities – ~$24,000/year
  • Two Smart Fortwo vehicles to race around with a full tank of gas and decent amenities – $28,500
  • Pretty much all the audio equipment you need and a brand new TVWant to hear the bullshit lingo Nordost is throwing around? Read on if you dare.

    Designed for the discerning customer who requires the highest level of signal transfer performance from this medium.

    Developed by Nordost, this cable provides outstanding results when utilized in high-end 2-channel audio or multi-channel home theater systems.

    Whitelight glass cable uses an extremely high grade of glass fiber conductor which has very highly polished surfaces to ensure an optimum signal path for digital data streams.

    The 3 layers of very low loss insulation as well as an internal damping mechanism are designed to preserve the integrity of the digital signal.

    Each cable is terminated with high quality composite Toslink connectors whose precision polished lenses ensure absolute signal integrity at the point of connection.

    This cable is the ideal choice where the highest quality optical link is prerequisite

    Oooh! Let’s wipe our ass with $100 bills while we listen to my SACD of The Police!

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    1. Where do you get your “slightly” unacurate infoormation ?

      Are you biased ?

      What do you intend posting something so unacurate as this ?

      You are in USA I guess, well you can check this

      1.5m White Light Glass Fiber Optic goes for no more than 217 USD, “just” 326908 USD less of what you claimed.

      Please check your sources.

      But indeed, there are many absurdly high priced cables, on the line of insanity, but still a good cable makes a difference.

    2. Ed,

      Read the post. This is about A PARTICULAR COMPANY’S CABLE that is outrageously priced.


    3. It’s absurd. Even a $217 cable is not going to make a noticeable difference when compared to stardard, high quality cable.

      The marketting hype pushing ridiculously expensive cables is depressing. Worse, people buy them then swear they make things sound so much better; encouraging others to do so as well. Why? Well, it’s better than admitting you’ve been taken for hundreds of dollars.

      Yes, quality cables matter. Dollar store RCA cables will not compare to decent gold plated shielded cables, no doubt. But there’s seriously a matter of diminishing returns here: You pay more and more, and get less and less.

      Get good, reasonably priced quality cables, and spend the money where it matters – the actual audio equipment, speakers, and either learning how to set it up *right* or use the money you save to pay a professional to do it. Speaker placement alone accounts for orders of magnitude more impact on the overall audio experience than the difference between regular, quality cables and OMGWTF cables.

    4. and I would just like to point out that I agree with Derrick

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