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The Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich of All Time

Brits are very serious about their cheese sandwiches, and I guess us Americans can be too as long as they’re fried and surrounding a cheeseburger or include bacon in anyway. But one place you’d never expect to see a cheese sandwich, even in the U.K., is at a formal banquet table. Chef Martin Blunos’s $172 cheese sandwich, or a sandwich ...

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No Wonder I Have Six Printers In Storage

Seriously though, other than the text book industry, I think the printer ink industry is the number one price gouging enterprise. There’s no reason I should be paying more for ink than for a damn printer. I’d rather go drain an octopus. Link

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The World’s Most Expensive iPhone

Anybody have around $3.8 million laying around? I’m a few bucks short. You know, tax and all. The iPhone 3GS Supreme is encased in 271 grams of 22ct solid gold. Featuring a front bezel brandishing 136 flawless diamonds, a total of 68 cts and the rear apple logo, set in solid gold, has 53 flawless diamonds totaling 1 carat total ...

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Air Board Sort of Looks Like a Circular Lawnmower

…though a cheap circular lawnmower wannabe it is not. For $140,000 you can buy your own functioning hoverboard, otherwise known as the Air Board. It travels at speeds up to 15 mph over most surfaces other than water, which totally blows. A “real” hovercraft would so travel over water. They seem to be marketing the Air Board as a perfect ...

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Diamond Chess Set is Too Opulent for Opulence

Featuring a ridiculous 9900 black and white diamonds, this Diamond Chess Set goes beyond opulence and skips right to “I’m so rich I use hundreds as toilet paper” and “I eat diamond encrusted cupcakes” money. The $224,000 price tag actually seems sort of low considering the crazy amount of craftmanship and the thousands of gems installed in the set. 4500 ...

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Gigantic Water Play Slide: Inflatable Mobile Fun

In the spirit of really large and cool shit for the summer, check out this Gigantic Water Play Slide from “ridiculously expensive stuff” extraordinaire Hammacher Schlemmer. Part 16-foot water slide, part water fort, the Gigantic Water Play Slide includes a bouncy center play gym and a mountain climbing-like stair experience. All for the (super-cheap, OMG) price of (only?!) $9,000. Chump ...

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