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Is PCI-E for laptops overboard? The Magma ExpressBox thinks not.

This is the Magma ExpressBox that lets all of your crazy gamers to have a PCI-E graphics card hook up to your laptop. If you are really seriouly excited right now, please stop and go buy a desktop. Gaming is nice, but hardcore gaming (HalfLife, FEAR, Oblivion…) needs more than a laptop. It just isn’t right! Those games deserve a ...

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Violet May laptop sleeves

Your laptop has feelings too, you know… At least that’s what the guys at Violet May would have you think. Their new line of laptop “sleeves” has a satin interior that contrasts with the super softItalian lambs’ leather exterior. Freaked out yet? Moving on to color selection, the laptop sleeves come in chocolate & marigold, white & rose, black & ...

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ASUS Lamborghini VX2 notebook, for rich racers only

Maybe you caught them during the keynote, maybe you never watched it to begin with. Either way, these new laptops will make heads turn for sure. They were shown during Bill Gate’s opening keynote speech for CES 2007, but just for a quick second while scrolling through the rest of Vista compatible laptops that will be released alongside with the ...

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