Is PCI-E for laptops overboard? The Magma ExpressBox thinks not.

magma expressbox

This is the Magma ExpressBox that lets all of your crazy gamers to have a PCI-E graphics card hook up to your laptop. If you are really seriouly excited right now, please stop and go buy a desktop. Gaming is nice, but hardcore gaming (HalfLife, FEAR, Oblivion…) needs more than a laptop. It just isn’t right! Those games deserve a real 5.1 sound system, a nice 20+ inch LCD, and other things that your notebook can’t (or shouldn’t) be delivering to you. If your laptop does, does it weigh as much as a desktop? Probably. Oh yeah, the prices for the ExpressBox start at $729. If you are considering buying this, that price won’t really daunt you as you probably spend 3x that much on the laptop itself. –Nik Gomez

Magma ExpressBox – PCI Express for your laptop [via The Red Ferret Journal]

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