Burning Calories in Your Cubicle is Still Ridiculously Expensive

Are you one of the thousands of Americans stuck in a cubicle for the better part of your workday?

With the USA already experiencing what’s been widely described as an “obesity epidemic”, many companies are looking to capitalize by releasing weight-loss aids for the workplace. One of these companies, called “Details” has been publicly recognized for their “Walkstations”. These convertible stations allow you to access your computer while walking on a treadmill.

Sounds simple, right? Theoretically, it should only cost you as much as a treadmill and a desk.

However, the average workstation — sorry, walkstation — will set you back around $4,800.

To be fair, some of these walkstations have features which make converting from sitting to walking much easier. Still, unless these were paid for by an employer, it’s hard to see how the average employee could afford one.



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