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Star Wars Yoga

I guess if you’re not gifted with a feel for The Force like I am, you have to rely on other methods of balancing your spiritual and physical prowess. It’s totally understandable. Not everybody can be a student of the Jedi ways. But it’s still important to keep on your toes. You just never know when your planet might be ...

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The New (Media) Workout Plan Puts Social Networking to Good Use

If you spend all of the time you used to spend exercising checking all of your shiny social media sites, chances are you’re starting to look a little lumpy. But there’s a solution! The New (Media) Workout Plan encourages fitness and geekiness working in tandem. Every time you open up a new tab to check one of these sites, perform ...

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Overall Health Balance Scale Rates Your Health, Deflates Your Ego

Hey, fatty / string bean / muscle man / average weight person or otherwise. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Why must you lie to yourself? You think you’re so healthy, but trust me, there must be something wrong with you. And whatever it is, you bet your ass the Overall Health Balance Scale finds it and taunts you with it. ...

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