The Dash Puts Fitness Sensors In Your Headphones To Track Your Progress!

Wearable fitness gadgets are nothing new, but The Dash is something a little different for those who are looking to track their fitness without wearing a watch or bracelet.

The Dash

Fitness trackers seem to be coming out left and right these days, but the majority of them involve wearing a bracelet or a watch. The Dash is a new concept that takes advantage of something that most people wear during a workout anyway – headphones.

The Dash is a pair of in ear bluetooth headphones that have built in body and health sensors that provide feedback on performance to the user. The headphones also feature passive noise cancellation and pass through audio transparency in addition to an ear bone transduction microphone designed to eliminate background noise interference.

Forget the need for wires with The Dash and don’t worry about the bulky look of over ear headphones, these small in ear headphones are discrete yet still functional. As small as these headphones are however, they feature an internal memory of 4GB so songs can be uploaded directly to the headphones themselves.

So just what does The Dash have to offer in terms of fitness tracking? The activity tracking feature allows for tracking of heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy expenditure. Audio updates are available via the left ear bud which tracks all activity monitoring and the right ear bud offers audio control functions.

Where can you get your hands on The Dash? Currently the ear buds are still in production; however, pre-order pledges can get their order in for a price of $199 now. The delivery date estimate for the first delivery batch of The Dash is in October of 2014 assuming all goes to plan in terms of production.

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