Which Fitness Tracker Is Best?

There is an abundance of fitness trackers on the market today and a recent article from Bioniq Health took a look at the different trackers to see which is best.

Fitness Trackers

The article takes a look at the Jawbone UP, the iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker, the Striiv Play and the Fitbit Force. Looking at the comparison chart they provided in terms of the features offered by each of these fitness devices, the Fitbit Force offers more for the money in terms of what it has to offer. For 5c less than the Jawbone UP (the second ranked fitness tracker) offers all of the features of the Jawbone UP as well as elevation tracking. In addition to elevation climbed, the Fitbit Force also tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, activity time, sleep duration and sleep quality.

Bioniq Health is a website designed to track a variety of health trend gadgets and hopes, in the future, to connect with healthcare providers to provide them access to health device communities. Bioniq also hopes to create a more customized experience for fitness participants who are looking for health based devices that are catered to their individual needs. The website will not only be able to recommend devices based on fitness goals but also on health based limitations such as devices to help to manage high blood pressure.

Bioniq Health hopes to stand apart from the competition by offering a health focused forum that not only provides information about various health devices but also information and feedback about those devices from a variety of forums. The site will cover fitness and health based gadgets.

Source: BioniqHealth.com

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