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IK Multimedia | iKlip Grip and Xpand Stand Review

iKlip Xpand Stand and Grip Review

While IK Multimedia is popular for its wide range of studio and recording accessories for iOS devices, the company has launched a new line of products- a series of stands and cases. Even though these products have also been aimed at audio recording theaters and studio settings- usually providing mounting options for iPads and IPhones on music stands and mics. ...

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How To Keep In Touch

The only thing more important to us than the coolest geeky shit on the web is you guys. Where would we be without you? Well, for one, we’d be homeless. Two, we would have shut down long ago. So really, thank you, thank you, thank you, for being so damn awesome. Now, the meat and potatoes of this here post. ...

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Review: AKG K 340 In-Canal and K 450 Over Ear Headphones

After years of building up their name in the recording industry, AKG released a slew of consumer headphones, ready for us in the States to dabble with. I’ve had the opportunity to play around with both the K 340 and K 450 models, both portable, though in-canal and foldable respectively. After a week or so of listening to these phones ...

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Hooking You Up

Yo, peeps and fellow GEARheads alike. We here at Gearfuse want to hook you up. That is why we are giving you the lowdown on where you can contact us about reviewing your gadget, book, electronic, site, or service and send in suggestions and tips. Shout me a holler over at andrew -@- gearfuse.com. You to can have connections. Just ...

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