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Quick Review: SmartRSS 2 For The iPhone/iPod Touch

I was asked by the developers of SmartRSS 2 to play around with it before its release on the iTunes App Store. The software, released by Visuamobile, is one of the best RSS readers I’ve used period, let alone for an iPhone. It’s very quick and although it lags up at times, this is expected when you’re grabbing hundreds of ...

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In Review: The T-Mobile G1

The lovely folk at T-Mobile just sent us our Android-equipped Google G1 phone for review. After the jump, all the pics you could ever want, including a sampling of the supposedly three-megapixel camera it has.

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First Wave of iPhone 3G Reviews Are In

There is always the Apple fanboy (as well as the general consumer) who wants to read reviews despite the close release of a product. In this case, the iPhone 3G comes out on Friday and the NY Times, WSJ and USA Today have all reviewed the latest iPhone. The verdict? Generally awesome, overall. Data speeds are “much, much faster” according ...

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The 10 Worst Video Game Consoles Of All Time

UPDATE 5/21: Make sure to check out this post, too: Sorry to Disappoint, Fanboys. The console wars were more ferocious than any other war in history. You could say they top the Vietnam War, but you won’t. Many companies would rise and fall through the video game crash of 1983, yet only one would prevail to be the most terrible. ...

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