The BabyWatch Health Tracker

Because we need more baby gear to buy ladies, check out the BabyWatch health tracker monitor. BabyWatch is a new startup company that utilizes a hardware-software duo to record and share their new baby’s heartbeat.


The BabyWatch system features a handheld ultrasound device which uses an audio cable to connect to a smartphone. Once activated, the system creates a visual of the sound of baby’s heartbeat and makes a record of the beats per minute. The BabyWatch system also helps users to keep track of their pregnancy doctor appointments. What sets the BabyWatch system apart from other pregnancy gadgets? The BabyWatch system has its own social platform called GlobalBeat which lets parents to be share the sound files of their child’s heartbeat with others on the social platform.

What do we like most about BabyWatch? It allows parents with deployed partners to experience their new child with sound memories.

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