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The BabyWatch Health Tracker


Because we need more baby gear to buy ladies, check out the BabyWatch health tracker monitor. BabyWatch is a new startup company that utilizes a hardware-software duo to record and share their new baby's heartbeat.

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Woman Kills Her Baby for Interrupting Farmville Session

If you shake your baby to death for ANY reason, you have more problems to worry about than Farmville addiction, but this is a case of Zynga devotion taken to a whole new level. 22 year-old Jacksonsville, Florida resident Alexandra V. Tobias shook her baby to death after the three-month old Dylan Lee Edmondson had been crying during a rousing ...

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Ritmo Baby Speakers Deafen Your Baby Before It’s Born

Want to ensure that your quickly blossoming fetus develops an ear for They Might Be Giants before they’re even born? The Ritmo Baby Speakers strap right on to your ever-growing belly and forcefully blasts your baby’s soft ear tissue with the sinful sounds of geek rock. Hook a pair of headphones in and share the experience. Some might say that ...

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Another Terrifying Baby Robot: An Image from Your Nightmares

Straight from the depths of hell, otherwise known as the Machine Perception Laboratory at UCSD, comes Diego-San, the freakishly big-headed one-year-old simulated robot. …Aside from joy, he’s bundled with a high resolution camera and 6-axis accelerometer. And while his coordination is limited to standing from a chair and holding a bottle, Diego-San’s face has 20 moving parts to convey emotion ...

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Why Do All Child Bots Have To Be So Terrifying?

Japan’s University of Tsukuba maintains the trend of horrifying child bots with their new Yotaro baby simulator / stuffed bear thing, which aside from causing terror, is supposed to mimic the needs of a baby. The baby’s emotions display via an interactive screen. A water tank supplies realistic tears and an infrared camera picks up your every move, so don’t ...

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iPhone App Translates Baby’s Cry into English

What are babies known for? Mainly pooping and screaming. That’s just the nature of the early human life. And who can blame them? The only problem is that the screaming is almost impossible to decipher through the human year. To us, it’s all just screaming. But apparently there are at least five different types of cries and the Cry Translator ...

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