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Kid Kustoms: Baby’s First Hot Rod

If you’ve ever taken a glance at products released for infants, you’ll see that many include the title “baby’s first…” Kid Kustoms can only be explained as Baby’s First Hot Rod. Donning some of the particulars that make speed demons wet their pants, the Kid Kustoms’ strollers lets you pimp out your kid’s carriage. Including over-wheel fenders, pearlescent paint jobs, ...

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Scientist says “Tell Me Everything You Know Or Else, Fake Baby!”

While the image might suggest that this man is taking violent measures to extract information out of this dummy baby, there is actually a scientific story to go with this awkward image. Though we wish there wasn’t. It would make the picture so much more entertaining. This $28,200 (19,000) crash test dummy baby will help scientists better understand the trauma ...

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“Gucci” handsfree device for infants

Too much time, too many babies, this is a home-made “Gucci” handsfree device posted on Yahoo Taiwan’s auction site. At least this is more original than the Mokia Notorola phones. 3 cents, why not? Baby not bundled. —Sam Chan Link

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Testing out ringtones that calm crying babies

The Japan Acoustic Laboratory is famous for their soft science research, those guys have recently started selling ringtones online that they claimed can calm crying babies. Nikkei has decided to spend a few bucks and try that out on 2 babies. First they downloaded the tone on to their mobile, then they sent it to the alarm clock by muPass. ...

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