Apple Introduces The Kids App Store

If you have a kid who is constantly playing with your iPad or iPhone (because honestly if you have a kid who has their own, we need to talk) then you might be happy to know that Apple has just launched a kids version of the  app store.

Kids App Store

The kids app store is a subsection of the main app store and inside kid friendly apps are broken in to age appropriate categories. The age ranges include those 5 and under, those between 6 and 8, and those between 9 and 11. Apps that are displayed in the kid friendly app store must achieve appropriate rating approval before they are made available, this is an attempt by Apple to police what content is being made available. Additionally, apps that appear within the kids app store must not contain ads or any other in app marketing strategy designed to encourage kids to spend mommy and daddy’s money.

We actually like the idea of a kid friendly section in the app store because like it or not, our kids are a technological generation and this can only serve to improve the current app purchasing situation many parents are facing. That said however, we don’t recommend giving your kid free reign over the app store, even just the kids section.

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