The iPhone 5S, The Cheaters Nightmare?

Paranoia abounds in a recent article from TechCrunch entitled “Your Nosy Boy/Girlfriend Can Unlock Your iPhone 5s With Your Thumb While You Sleep.” We already talked about why we won’t be picking up the new iPhone but this article made us giggle like a schoolgirl.

iPhone 5S Touch ID

The main point of the article is pretty obviously stated in the title – what if you’re passed out or sleeping and someone wants to hack in to your phone? Sure, this could be a valid concern if you’re a hardcore party goer intent on getting so plastered that you pass out…but if you ask us then you aren’t responsible enough to own a smartphone, rather you should have a $10 pay as you go flip phone. The real point of focus however, was what if you have a nosy boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to go through your phone while you’re sleeping?

The real question here is, what do you have to hide? Or more to the point, if your significant other is so incredibly insecure in your relationship you have more to worry about than them looking through your phone. At the risk of sounding like a relationship advice column, if your partner doesn’t trust you then what kind of future does your relationship hold? On the other hand, if you have something to hide that your partner could find out through scanning your sleeping finger on Touch ID then what the hell are you doing in a relationship with them in the first place? No, we’re not condemning you for your one night stands but at least make the effort not to have a one night stand with someone whose main objective is to sleep scan your finger and go through your iPhone…

Do we support the Touch ID system? No, we’re just saying that the idea of big brother having our fingerprints at their disposal is more concerning than the concept of a crazy bed fellow finding out what’s on our virtual shopping list…then again, perhaps the sleep habits of the current generation are beyond our understanding.

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