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How the iPhone 5S is Putting Apple Back in the Game

Ever since the iPhone 4, people have been looking for reasons to be impressed with Apple's flagship product, but have been sorely disappointed following the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. With the iPhone 5S, it looks like Apple is starting to get its groove back since losing its iconic founder.

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The iPhone 5S, The Cheaters Nightmare?

Paranoia abounds in a recent article from TechCrunch entitled "Your Nosy Boy/Girlfriend Can Unlock Your iPhone 5s With Your Thumb While You Sleep." We already talked about why we won't be picking up the new iPhone but this article made us giggle like a schoolgirl.

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Apple Announces Details On The iPhone 5S!

iPhone 5S

If the iPhone 5C isn't your cup of tea then you might be more interested in the unveiling of the iPhone 5S that was also announced today. The new high-grade aluminum iPhone 5S will be available in black, silver and gold and have chamfered edges.

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