5 Reasons Why We Like iTunes Radio Better Than Pandora

We have been using Pandora for…well, years, but with the announcement of¬†iTunes Radio we have to admit to being slightly giddy. Why? Well, there are a few things about Pandora that we could live without, take a look at five of the reasons why we have fallen in love with¬†iTunes Radio and out of love with Pandora.

iTunes Radio

1. We’re still not sure but we’re hoping that iTunes Radio doesn’t blast out Trojan Man commercials at top volume. We’re not against the use of Trojan’s products but it sort of interrupts the flow of music to a ridiculous level. Apple has a much more targeted ad system so far and we’re hoping it stays that way.

2. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we like having the option to permit explicit tracks. We’re not even fans of explicit lyric type music but that said, we definitely appreciate being given the option to enjoy tracks as they were originally recorded.

3. iTunes Radio offers more one click sharing options that allow you to bombard your friends with how awesome the newest station you created is.

4. iTunes Radio allows you to tune individual stations to allow it to play only hits, more variety or more discovery type tracks. Pandora, on the other hand, limits adding variety to adding multiple artist selections to a single station.

5. Lastly, iTunes displays the price of a track you like on the main screen and with some navigating you can download the song or the whole album directly to the Cloud for access from all of your Apple devices.

Sorry Pandora, we’re making the switch.

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