10 Reasons Why iOS 7 Is Pretty Awesome!

Yes, we know, we’re stuck on the iPhone this afternoon but with so many people complaining about iOS 7 we wanted to take a minute to recognize ten things that we love about the new operating system.

iOS 7

1. You can now block calls and texts from specific contacts in iOS7.

2. iOS7 actually allows you to see how much data a particular app is utilizing and allows you to turn apps off when they are using up too much of your cellular data.

3. Videographers can now pinch and zoom while shooting video with iOS7.

4. iOS7 features auto app updates which prevents that annoying little reminder to upgrade apps from popping up all the time.

5. iOS7 now allows for timestamps on every iMessage sent.

6. iOS7 users can swipe to return to a previous page in apps and Safari.

7. Siri is now capable of controlling WiFi, Bluetooth Airplane mode, Do Not Disturb mode and more.

8. iOS7 users have the option to increase font size and make hard to read text bold.

9. iTunes users can now scan their iTunes gift cards using the camera rather than typing in gift card codes.

10. Siri can become a man.

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