Apple Releases iOS 7 Today And iTunes 11.1!

Most Apple owners already know that iOS 7 is scheduled for launch today, but did you also know that iTunes 11.1 has just been released too?

iOS 7

iOS 7 has Apple lovers on the edge of their seats today as they wait for the new iOS launch, but in the meantime we recommend downloading iTunes 11.1. The new version of Apple’s music management software most notably offers iTunes RADIO which is modeled after popular radio software, Pandora. Just like Pandora, Apple Radio will feature ads unless users subscribe to a premium service.

In addition to iTunes radio, the new iTunes update ensures that your iOS 7 gadgets are supported, allows users to set up podcast stations and features the new Genius shuffle option designed to shuffle through complimentary songs in your music library.

The only complaint by users so far on the iTunes 11.1 update is the fact that iTunes radio is not being made available to non-US iTunes subscribers as of yet.

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