History of Web Browsers Infographic is Informative

A lot of people think that Intenet Explorer was the first Internet browser. It wasn’t. That title belongs to Netscape, which slowly crumbled as Internet Explorer’s popularity grew before eventualy dying out completely in 2008. Not that it really mattered at that point, since most of the Netflix team went on to Mozilla and the browser that eventually became Firefox.

A new infograpic charts the history of Internet browsers, for those of you are curious. What will you find? Internet Explorer and Firefox are more or less steady, as it Opera, while Google Chrome and Safari make very slow gains.

Oh, and you have the death of Netscape on the full image.

Link [a href=”http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/infographic-illustrates-browser-popularity-year-by-year-20110331/”>via]

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  1. My memory disagreed with the chart, so I did some digging for two minutes.

    Mosaic (started in 1992, released in 1993) preceded Netscape by at least a year, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosaic_(web_browser) and while it was the first popular graphical browser that made the web pick up steam, it was also not the first browser, as there were other lesser known ones before it as well.

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