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5 Reasons Why We Like iTunes Radio Better Than Pandora

iTunes Radio

We have been using Pandora for...well, years, but with the announcement of iTunes Radio we have to admit to being slightly giddy. Why? Well, there are a few things about Pandora that we could live without, take a look at five of the reasons why we have fallen in love with iTunes Radio and out of love with Pandora.

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Teach Yourself Na’vi

As a native of Pandora, I can assure you that Na’vi isn’t all that hard to learn. Any language is learnable. It just takes dedication. Look at me. I learned English after my trip to Earth in a matter of weeks. Fluently within months. And now? Well now I’m the greatest extraterrestrial blogger on Earth. I jest, of course. Arianna ...

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Livio Radio Brings Pandora Into The Living Room

Pandora is a fantastic online radio service. While I prefer Last.fm at times because they know me better, Pandora is great whenever you want to listen to similar tunes for awhile. Unfortunately, it’s web-based so if you don’t have a laptop or PC in your living room, you’re kind of out of luck. That was, until the Livio Radio came ...

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Pandora: Open Source Gaming Console

Sheesh. What the fuck is this brick? I know I start my new construction job next week but I didn’t expect to be subjected to these kinds of materials. Apparently this thing can not only be used to lay down the foundation of a building, but also for open source and retro-gaming. It has an 800×480 pixel display, a bunch ...

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