Spotify Comes to the US — But Has Limited Invites

Want to be one of the first US users to get access to Spotify? You might only have a few hours left.

Spotify has finally, finally come to the United States (what the heck took so long?). Now, there are 1,001 other online music services — Pandora, iTunes, Rhapsody… etc. However, what sets Spotify apart from its competition, is that it utilizes a unique “freemium” pricing model.

Basically, that means that it’s free. Really free — not “listen to the first 30 seconds of a song” free.

However, there are some limitations (otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to pay their server bills). You’ll have access to 10 hours of catalog time each month. Every day, you’ll get to listen to a single song a maximum of five times. Also, it can seamlessly integrate your local files into its desktop and mobile apps.

However, access to Spotify will be limited, starting today. Want an invite? Click on the source link below to be taken to the sign-up page.

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