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Apple Releases iOS 7 Today And iTunes 11.1!

iOS 7

Most Apple owners already know that iOS 7 is scheduled for launch today, but did you also know that iTunes 11.1 has just been released too? iOS 7 has Apple lovers on the edge of their seats today as they wait for the new iOS launch, but in the meantime we recommend downloading iTunes 11.1.

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Save With Movie Bundles On iTunes!

iTunes Movie Bundles

There was news earlier today that iTunes was having a fire sale on movie bundles that put the entire Harry Potter movie collection at just $10. As it turns out, this sale price was a mistake, but that isn't to say that there aren't some great movie bundle prices going on right now!

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What To Expect From the Steve Jobs Keynote at the Apple “Special Event”

There’s a good reason that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is one of the best-selling and most influential books of the past half-century. People like to know whats coming. No surprises, please. It’s a human instinct to fear the unknown, or at least be mighty uncomfortable not knowing. Lucky for you, much of what can be expected from the ...

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Saying Anything Apparently Still Works

Starring John Cusack as John Cusack in Say Anything… Again! But this time around, he’s got some new tools in his shed. For one thing, record stores are all obsolete. Wait, I think I’m confusing Say Anything with High Fidelity. Dammit, I hate when John Cusack movies start bleeding together. This trick isn’t for everybody, as you’ll have to figure ...

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Is This Screenshot Proof of iTunes 9 Social Networking Integration?

According to BGR, this screenshot taken from Facebook shows the upcoming social networking interaction offered by iTunes 9, expected to be announced at Apple’s September 9, 2009 special event. While the screenshot clearly shows notifications for new songs added to the iTunes library and the creation of a playlist, I wonder how far Apple has gone with the social interaction. ...

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iPhone App BeautyMeter Pulled for Underage Jailbait Porn

By a show of hands, who loves porn? Don’t be ashamed! I don’t blame you if you’ve felt a little guilt over the past few weeks with the way Apple shuns the nude female form. But in this second case of porn removal (so far), we can at least see the legal sense. Free iPhone app “BeautyMeter,” which was sort ...

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Apple to Palm: Fuck You

Earlier in the year, Apple threw a hissy fit over the Palm Pre and its multi-touch abilities. Now Apple is going public again without naming any names. It states that third-party DMPs may sync with iTunes but that it’s totally unsupported and they could lose that feature in the future. This means that Apple will soon release an iTunes update ...

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