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New iPods at Macworld?

Remember that litle rumor about a true iPod Video? One that is only a touch screen with a type of a scroll wheel on the screen, not just this thing we have now that just plays videos. So what if we’ve been talking about this for almost a year now? It’s probably really hard to make, and damn expensive. Whether ...

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All roads lead to ‘iPhone’

Yet another patent has been filed hinting at a cell phone with a form of iTunes integration. The patent was published on November 30th and is listed as Serial Number 501184. Though this patent does not mention the iPhone, it does hint to wireless portable computing device. According to the application: A portable computing device capable of wireless communications, the ...

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Hack your iTunes album art

When iTunes announced it’s feature of automatically importing high-quality album cover images to my iTunes library, the tech-loving side of our brains here at Gearfuse started to sing a song of praise. We have dreamed of a smooth integration of album artwork and iTunes pretty much since we’ve had an iPod. For the most part, a smooth integration was exactly ...

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