The $30,000 Vibrating Waterbed That Syncs To Your Heart Rate

If you are looking for the next thing in space age beds then this $30,000 vibrating waterbed that syncs to your heart rate is…well, ridiculously expensive.

Vibrating WaterbedIf you’re a frequenter of Hammacher Schlemmer then the chances are that you have already caught sight of this $30,000 vibrating waterbed. This pod like waterbed plays music from your iPhone, vibrates to the beat of the music and syncs 50 LED lights to the beat of your heart. This space-aged bed does it all and it’ll only set you back $30,000!

The unusual bed is being called the Tranquility Pod and features a four speaker surround sound system that syncs with your smart phone and it is temperature controlled! Plus, as an added bonus, the shape of the pod ensures that outside noise is kept to a minimum. Does the bed vibrate? In a way, yes, using the subwoofer of the bed speakers the bed itself vibrates to the beat of the music!

Hammacher Schlemmer

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